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Here at Bullseye there's very little we can't or won't do. Basically if it's legal, we can build it, modify it or fix it! If you don't see what you need on this services page, just ask.
  • Accurize Customers Rifle
  •       Factory rifle accurizing package  -  $420.00
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    Our rifle accurizing package allows shooters to get the very most out of their rifles. Gun manufacturers maintain tolerances that ensure the safety, quality, accuracy, and profitability of their product stays within acceptable limits. However these limits and tolerances can leave allot of potential accuracy locked up. By narrowing the tolerances of key features, we can allow the rifle to shoot as accurately as possible.

    The idea behind accurizing a rifle is to precisely align all of its components to the centerline of the bolt raceway. This means that the cartridge is perfectly aligned with the centerline of the action, the bolt face is properly trued, and the lug abutments are square, and making 100% contact. All of this work MUST be done on a lathe. Some "precision gunsmiths" are selling accurizing packages using guided mandrels to make these cuts. The problem is, these mandrels flex enough to allow the cutters to follow the original surface. You wind up with features that are cleaned up, and pretty, but dimensionally unchanged. Unfortunately we made the investment in this tooling, but after inspecting a "trued" action, found that there was next to no improvement at all. A 600 dollar education. So, back to the tried, and true.

    All of our actions are single point trued on the lathe. We have dedicated machines that run one operation only. This allows us to save setup time and eliminate the possibility of a mistake being made during one of those setups. We are also able to maintain quality, and efficiency levels unmatched in the industry.

  • Barrel Work
  •       Cut and crown barrel  -  $60.00
          Set back and rechamber barrel  -  $155.00
          For extractor cut, add  -  $35.00
          For magnum chamberings add  -  $25.00
          Fit, chamber, cut, and crown new barrel  -  $235.00
          For extractor cut, add  -  $35.00
          For magnum chamberings add  -  $25.00
          Blueprint action with single point cut threads  -  $195.00
          Sleeve bolt  -  $85.00
          Install Sako type extractor  -  $145.00
          Lap bolt lugs  -  $45.00
          Replace bolt handle  -  $65.00
          Forge bolt handle  -  $90.00
          Install non-indexed muzzle brake  -  $145.00
          Install indexed muzzle brake  -  $185.00
          Drill and tap reciever or barrel per hole  -  $20.00
          Inspect bore / throat  -  $25.00
          Bullet seating depth gage  -  $35.00
          Metal checkering  -  $shop rate

  • Trigger Work
  •       Trigger adjustment  -  $35.00-60.00
          Install new trigger  -  $30.00

  • Stock Work
  •       Refinish stock - hunter grade unfilled oil or lacquer  -  $120.00
          Deluxe finish- rubbed, filled oil finish  -  $195.00
          Glass bed  -  $85.00
          Pillar bed  -  $190.00
          Glue in  -  $200.00
          Free float barrel  -  $45.00
          Install recoil pad, plus the cost of the pad  -  $45.00
          Install adjustable recoil pad, plus pad and hardware  -  $170.00
          Install stock cross bolt  -  $45.00
          Install butt stock recoil reducer  -  $35.00
          Install sling swivels  -  $35.00
          Inlet semi-finished stock  -  $195.00
          Inlet,bed, and finish fiberglass stock  -  $225.00
          Install adjustable comb hardware  -  $195.00
          Fit and bed semi-finished fiberglass stock  -  $120.00

  • Scope Mounting
  •       Mount scope  -  $35.00
          Bore sight  -  $20.00

  • Character Engraving
  •       Set up  -  $5.00
          Each character  -  $1.00

  • Blueing/Metal Coating
  •       Bead blast / 240 grit finish  -  $125.00
          Deluxe finish - 400 grit polish  -  $185.00
          Master finish- mirror polish, no ripples or scratches  -  $320.00 and up
          Blue barrel, reciever or other single part  -  $55.00
          Teflon coating  -  $240.00
          Cerakote  -  $240.00

  • Shop Services
  •       Services shop rate/bench time  -  $65.00 per hr